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Barn Dance Band
for the West Midlands

Herbal Remedy are a two-piece band based on the north Worcestershire / Warwickshire borders, in England. The band is Fiona Hawkins, playing piano accordion and melodeon, and Ron Hawkins (electric bass, occasionally whistle and assorted sound effects).

A band for all functions

The band is extremely popular at weddings, church groups, schools and Birthday or Anniversary celebrations.  If required we can add an extra dimension in providing old-time music-hall tunes and other easy-listening, singalong tunes for those inevitable times during the festivities when everyone is too exhausted to get up and dance. While in no way a concert band, we are often gratified to see the non-dancing fraternity tapping their feet and humming or singing along with the music.


Herbal Remedy play a wide variety of music, within the broad spectrum of folk dance. Largely depending on the nature of the dance and the caller for the evening, the band's music can be anything from Scottish and English country dance to American Square dance. All the old traditional favourite tunes and dances are the regular fare at dances too, for example the Cumberland Square Eight, the Dashing White Sergeant, the Gay Gordons and so on, not forgetting the favourite Strip the Willow.

As somebody once said to us: "everything from Playford to Peeping Tom."

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