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Small boxes

This is the first of a series of small boxes. This one made from the oak panelling taken from the back of the corner cupboard described above. I particularly like the way some of these old pieces of furniture used solid wood planks rather than plywood, for the backs of cupboards.  Look at the glorious grain on the lid of this box, which has lain hidden behind a cupboard for so many years:

No figuring, but lovely grain pattern

I had an orphaned magazine rack.  The sides of the rack were of thin oak panels, so I used them to make lids and bottoms for a couple of small boxes.  I was really pleased with the grain pattern on the boxes: after the panels were cleaned up, there was absolutely none of the small creamy swirly flecks that we call "figuring", but the actual grain pattern was stunning. 


This box is about ten inches by seven, and you can see here the pretty pattern inside, and below, just look at the amazing swirly grain - you can almost see faces in it.


There were just a couple of small offcuts left over, so I made a little jewellery box with little dovetailed corners, and the rest of the swirly-grained oak panels from the side of the magazine rack. What a pretty little box!


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