Items for Sale

Everything I make, I do so because I like to create interesting, useful and/or beautiful objects.  Some of them I make specifically for someone, who has asked for a particular size or style of table, stool, oak chest or whatever.   Some things I make just because:  I see a particular piece of wood,  perhaps with an intesting grain or particularly nice figuring, and decide what to make from it, then make something just for fun and to see what it comes out like.

I always have a small stock of things - some being made, perhaps part finished waiting for a particular piece of wood to show up to finish it; some completed waiting to go off to whoever ordered it, and some finished things waiting for a new home.

This page shows a selection of things that are finished and available to buy.   Usually these will be item described in more detail on other pages of the site, if you want to look at them in more detail.   This page just lists them with a small picture and a guide price.  Click the picture to open a new window with more details  


If you are interested in anything, and want to enquire further, or to buy it, send me a message or email me - see the contact page. Note that many of the items are heavy and expensive to ship - best solution is to collect from me in the B96 postal area, or if you know my daughter in the Bucks, via her.

If you have something in mind and you don't see it here, get in touch.  Let me know if you would like to me to make something for you, or give you a quotation, or just to discuss ideas and possibilities.  I will try to accommodate what you want, although you may have to be a little flexible with sizes (e.g. of tabletops) and timing, depending on what orphans I rescue and how big the pieces of salvaged timber are.  Stools, chests and boxes are no problem and can be more or less any size you like.


Small table (L)20" x (B)15" x (H)21"  - £45


When the new page opens, scroll down to the "smaller table" section

Long table (L)48" x (B)20" x (H)25"  - £100


Japanese slot-stool  (L)13" x (B)9" x (H)15"  - £35


Rustic stool  (L)13" x (B)9" x (H)15"  - £35 each

When the new page opens, scroll down to the "rustic" section


Folding stool  with canvas seat - £90 


Children's Round stool   10" diameter, 12" high   - £30 each 


Dark elm stool with burr oak seat (L)15" x (B)9" x (H)17"  - £75


Foot stool / child's stool ( or is it a side table?)   £35

When the new page opens, scroll down to the "Footstool" section

Chests and boxes

Large rough chest  (L)16" x (B)12" x (H)11"  - £60


Jewel box  - £20


I have a variety of other small boxes, and will put more up here soon