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Quoits Game


Remember playing quoits?   Basically,. it's a game where you throw small hoops (Quoits) over wooden pegs, like small skittles.  It was popular - and possibly still is - on cruise ships, where it was called "Deck quoits" and the quoits were usually made from rope.   I decided to make a set, from some old table legs and a flat base, using rope for the quoits too.

I found some nicely-shaped legs from an old oak table, and used the pole lathe to turn off all the old brown varnish.

Turning very dry, seasoned wood needs patience and very sharp chisels.  Fist I honed up the turning chisels to a mirror-finish using a leather strop.

Then cut the legs to a suitable length.


Then the last side was fitted and the whole thing glued up.


Removed all the brown stain and polish, then shaped a double tenon in the middle.  This created two pegs from one table leg (one facing each way - joined at what will be the base of the peg).


See the pairs of pegs, then sawn in half to make the individual pegs.


I found a good solid piece of oak offcut, and measured it up to make the base.   I drilled holes half way through the base to take the round tenons on the bottom of each peg.

These rescued oak strips will be ideal for making the tray:


A good coat of wax polish and some numbers on the top.   I made a set of rope quoits to suit.

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