A Knight's tale

So here I am, looking at this knight in shining armour.  Like you do.  He had just ended a battle, and he needed a drink of water.   Those suits of armour are heavy and it gets pretty hot in there.  Watching a medieval lady feeding him water from a wooden bowl,  I noticed it wasn't easy, what with all the helmet, visor, nose-protector and so on.   I don't think she could see his mouth, let alone get the water anywhere near it.   ( for more info on the reenactors see www.bucks-retinue.org.uk/ )

Then she said to me.. "there's a challenge if you like.. make a wooden cup that I can use to give him a drink".

Well, I'm always up for a challenge, so here is the story of the prototype.



First I look out a suitable piece of seasoned Apple wood. Must be something here I can use.

First a rough shape was cut out.  I was envisioning a sort of bowl with a spout. like a kind of medieval sippy-cup.  I sawed out the rough shape and then did some basic shaping with a spoke-shave.  The long process of hollowing out the bowl was done by hand using a curved bowl knife.


I decided that hollowing out the spout was a step too far, so I carved a groove, or channel, along the top.


I drilled a hole from the end of the channel into the base of the bowl.

A couple of coats of beeswax and it's ready for testing.  I love the colours on Apple wood.

I have no idea whether or not it will work, but it is likely to be more successful than a plain bowl, I think.  It may be that it will need a shorter (or longer?) spout, or perhaps one at a more acute angle up?   I shall give it to my daughter to test out on the next thirsty and helmeted Knight she encounters, and let me know what, if anything, needs changing.

After a quick consultation, I made a modification, to stop water from spilling over the side of the trough.


I will reserve judgement until it's been battlefield-tested.   Watch for the next thrilling installment....