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Trestle table

Here is one I made for a lovely lady who lives in the year 1450. At least some of the time.  She is a reenactor, and wanted a table suitable for the medieval period.

I was lucky enough to find a lovely old table almost 100 years old, to provide the tabletop.

OK not medieval, but it already has some history.  The previous owner lived to over ninety years old, and for the last few years her only companion was her old black cat Bess, who spent her days sitting on the old lady's lap, and her nights curled up asleep under this table.


The two three-legged trestles were made from the legs and framework of the same table, and I wonder if perhaps the spirit of Bess the cat might just live on in this new reincarnation of that old table?

A couple more pictures showing the making of the table and trestles, before it had its final coating of beeswax.


And here it is on show at a re-enactor's event in Sandwell Manor House, with a high status lady sitting in the great hall. Thanks to Lady Zoe and photographer Jenni of Buckingham's Retinue.

33 (1).jpg

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