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Round Stools

Old elm and applewood stool

A milking stool made from a rough old piece of elm with a lovely grain pattern, mounted on three rough-hewn applewood legs.  The applewood was from a wind-damaged branch of an old Bramley apple tree in the farm, and the elm was just sort of laying around waiting to be loved again.


Children's stools

Two children's stools, made from a wonderfully-figured oak hall table, and using the beech legs from an orphaned dining table, re-turned on the pole lathe to remove all the varnish. Seen in a modern setting with a children's table also made from orphaned tables (see the barley-twist legs?) but painted with chalk paint just for fun. Don't worry, the painted tabletop wasn't a nice piece of oak - just a rather nasty piece of modern veneered chipboard and for once, I agreed with a local auctioneer who often says "it would look lovely painted".

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