Weird Things

These are a few odd things I've made, that don't fit anywhere else on the site.

No great details, just a few pictures.

Book stack

An old heavy pine kitchen table provided the thick slabs of wood for this unusual plant stand - in the form of a stack of large books.  


Hand sanitisation - c1452

Plastic wasn't invented in 1452 and the re-enactors needed a hand washing station.  I made this slot-together bowl and water-dispenser stand.   Used by real knights in shining armour.


Plant barrow

This pot-man looks unhappy about pushing such a heavy load.


Fork  handles

When I bought an expensive stainless steel garden fork, I assumed it would be strong and nigh on unbreakable.    Not so.


Sadly it wasn't a match for the huge cobblestones that lurked underground.


Not to be daunted, I made it into a planter.   


A big old lump of offcut oak made a good solid base, and a small piece of English cherrywood made a shaped shelf for the plant pot.   It was just a matter of detaching the handle and re-inserting it through an angled hole in the platform.

Voila!  Exit one broken fork - enter one quirky designer plant stand.


Wishing well

A miniature wishing well, made from scraps of old oak sideboard.


Graceful bowl stand

Based on the shape of a medieval folding chair, I made a stand for a plant bowl using pieces cut from an old oak dining table top.


Wooden mushrooms

I've made various mushroom shapes from scraps of old wood and tree-roots.


Various wooden windmills and spinners


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