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Folding Table

This is just a bit of fun. My daughter tells me they would probably not have had folding tables in Medieval times, so this is probably not for the re-enactors.     One day I might re-make the leg attachment to be more authentic, but for now I was in experimenting mode.   If you happen  to like this lovely piece of wood but would prefer it with different legs, let me know.

I had this really nicely-marked piece of oak, from the top of an old nest of tables.  I couldn't bear to cut it to make a stool, so I decided to make a little individual table.


I planed up four sturdy legs, and made up two leg-trestles, that would nestle inside each other when folded. They had to be just a little narrower and shorted than the tabletop.


Oops made the legs a bit long - a minor adjustment with a saw. See how neatly the legs fold in?

It sits very well, but its a tad wobbly.  A bracing strut is required, I think.   One that just slots over the cross-rails this time, I think,


That's better. Much more stable.


A coat of wax top and bottom.   I love this part - it's always rewarding seeing the grain patterns come to life.


See how to make the wax polish here

All done and looking nice with a stool to sit at.   Both completely fold-flat and easily transported. Both totally non-Medieval though.

An interesting project, but as always I am happy to adapt to your own requirements.   

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