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Jewellery Box

I was looking at this poor old relic, and noticed that some of the framework was really big chunky pieces of hard, dark-brown oak.  I wondered how it would look if I sawed it into thin slivers, to make the sides of a small box.


So I sawed off two long strips about 3/8" thick, down the length of the piece.  


Then I found two other pieces, to make the top and bottom of the box.  I put some little decorations into the bottom edges, following an idea I'd seen in a magazine rack I had just dismantled. 


The sides I dovetailed together, and fixed to the bottom.  Then fitted a top and waxed it all.


It made a nice little box in the end, and it looks well sitting on my desk.  Some pretty figuring on the top blends well with the dark straight-grained sides.


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